Service Providers Invoicing information

Invoicing information

Information to include on invoices

When preparing invoices, please include the following information:

Payee details

  • Payee/Organisation name
  • Payee address
  • Payee contact details
  • ABN

Claimant details

  • Full name
  • MAIB claim number (if unknown, please use claimant’s date of birth and date of motor accident)

Service details

  • Date of consultation/attendance
  • Duration of service (where applicable)
  • Name of service provided
  • Service item number in accordance with correct fee schedule (where applicable)
  • Itemised fee for each service
  • Total charge for invoice items
  • GST (not all services charged to us attract GST, please contact us if you are unsure if you are able to charge GST on your service)
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