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Initial treatment

You are able to submit invoices for the first five sessions for new patients with an accepted claim with MAIB without needing to lodge a Chiropractic Management Plan (CMP). To avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended that a completed CMP is received with or before the invoice for the sixth and any subsequent session.

Chiropractic Management Plans (CMP)

A CMP outlines essential clinical information and requests for funding. All CMPs are to be fully completed including details of outcome measures used (it is recommended that the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) is not the only tool used). To assist in their completion is a CMP instruction sheet.

It is essential that CMPs are not received retrospective of the services that they are requesting funding for. Please note that retrospective CMPs will not be funded.

Form Chiropractic Management Plan

Funding authority

The completed CMP will be reviewed by the MAIB and funding authority advice forwarded to the provider within five working days of receipt of the CMP. To facilitate this, please ensure that your contact details include an email address. Services provided outside the number authorised may not be funded.

Changes to funding authorisation

There are occasions when benefits (funding) for a patient may be terminated. In this event, any funding authorisation is invalid from the date that the patient was notified. Notification to the provider and any unfunded service costs remain the responsibility of the patient.

Non attendance

If a patient fails to attend a scheduled appointment, MAIB will meet 50% of the standard fee for that one appointment. Any subsequent non-attendance fees are the responsibility of the claimant.