Already have a claim? What we cannot cover

What we cannot cover

What is not covered

What is not covered

Some treatment or services cannot be covered by the MAIB. Things we cannot pay for include:

  • Treatment or services that are unrelated to your accident.
  • Treatment for a medical condition or injury that you had before your accident or that is not a direct result of your accident.
  • Treatment or services provided outside the commonwealth of Australia.
  • The employed and self-employed allowances, whilst you are outside the commonwealth of Australia.
  • Wages for parents, carers, family members who may need to take time off to care for an injured person.
  • Treatment that is provided by a person who is not appropriately registered, qualified or authorised to provide the service.
  • Concurrent treatment by different practitioners e.g. chiropractor and physiotherapist to the same area of the body.
  • An outstanding account for treatment or a service you received over one year ago.
  • Expenses associated with property damage such as electricity poles, fences etc.
  • Expenses associated with the loss of or damage to personal effects such as clothing or jewellery.
  • Travel costs that are not to or from medical treatment related to the injury sustained in your accident.
  • Travel costs (including taxis) to or from the chemist.
  • Treatment or services that exceed agreed fee schedules.
  • Legal costs in certain situations.