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Treatment and travel

Treatment expenses

Treatment expenses

The MAIB covers a range of treatment expenses:


The reasonable cost of Ambulance services (road or air) for a client who has sustained an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.


The reasonable costs of Hospital treatment and services at both public and private hospitals. These can include:

  • Hospital bed fees (shared room only)
  • Theatre fees
  • Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon Fees
  • Anaesthesia
  • Specialist Consultations
  • Pharmacy
  • Allied health
  • Equipment

Treatment /Disability Benefits

We will fund treatment provided by a registered provider. The reasonable costs associated with the below may be covered:

  • General Practitioner
  • Specialist
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Chiropractic
  • Osteopathic
  • Massage
  • Psychological
  • Psychiatry
  • Podiatry
  • Optical
  • Dental
  • Naturopathy
  • Pharmaceutical items

The replacement cost of glasses and hearing aids damaged in the motor accident may also be covered. The MAIB may also assist with medical appliances, aids and equipment and alterations to vehicles and buildings. Generally an Occupational Therapist will be engaged to provide advice on these requirements.

Some limitations may apply and funding is in accordance with agreed fee schedules.

The maximum total sum payable for medical and disability benefits (including Ambulance, Hospital, Treatment, aids/equipment, medical appliances, home modifications, travel and housekeeping) is $400,000.00. For accidents on or after 1 August 2012, this may be increased to $500,000.00 subject to the injured person being an in-patient at a hospital for a continuous period of more than 4 days commencing on the date of the accident.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses

Should you need to travel more than 20 kilometres each way to obtain medical treatment as a result of your injury, we can reimburse your reasonable travel expenses for travel by private vehicle. We can assist with taxi transport expenses on a temporary basis should you be medically certified as unable to drive or use public transport due to your injury. Travel by public transport may also be claimed.

You can claim the following travel expenses to and from medical appointments related to your injury:

  • Private Vehicle:
    For travel in excess of 20 kilometres each way, the MAIB will pay a set rate per kilometre. This allowance is designed to cover petrol and parking expenses.
  • Public Transport:
    For travel in excess of 20 kilometres each way on public transport, please supply a copy of your tickets that confirm the amounts paid.
  • Taxi Transport:
    Should you be unable to drive or use public transport as a result of the injury sustained in the motor accident, taxi transport expenses may be claimed for 39 weeks from the date of the accident for travel less than 20 kilometres each way (should your travel to and from medical appointments be greater than 20 kilometres each way the 39 week time limit does not apply). Your treating medical practitioner needs to provide you with a medical certificate confirming you are unable to drive or use public transport as a result of your injury and it should specify the number of weeks that taxis will be required and the specific providers you will need to travel to.

How to claim the travel allowance:

  • Complete and return the Travel Expenses Declaration (Form I), providing us with your public transport tickets (if applicable).
  • For Taxi transport – provide us with a medical certificate from your treating medical provider confirming that due to the injury sustained in the motor accident you are unable to drive or use public transport. Provide us with the taxi receipt which confirms the pick-up and drop-off details and the amount paid. Reasonable costs will be reimbursed to you.