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Off road vehicles

Why Register?

Why you should register off road vehicles

Owners and drivers of off-road and recreational trail bikes, farm bikes, all terrain vehicles, dune buggies etc must insure their vehicles for third party insurance cover to be eligible for MAIB benefits. If there is no MAIB third party insurance cover on your off-road vehicle, the MAIB has the right to recover damages for any benefits paid as the result of an accident that involves your off-road or recreational vehicle.

That means you could end up paying for injuries you cause to another person.

The best idea is to make certain your vehicle has third party insurance (MAIB Premium), qualifying you for MAIB benefits.

Which vehicles need cover

Which vehicles require third party insurance cover?

Although not all vehicles are required by law to be registered, it is in your interest to insure all vehicles to be covered against claims for damages in the event of an accident.

If you own or operate any of the vehicles listed below and an accident occurs on public or private land involving a third party and your vehicle is not insured, you may be liable for any damages awarded to the injured party.

  • Ride-on lawn mowers (capable of exceeding 10kph)
  • Farm tractors
  • Agricultural farm bikes
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Log skidders
  • Dune buggies
  • Self-propelled golf buggies
  • Off-road recreational motor cycles and all terrain vehicles
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Self-propelled sports ground maintenance equipment
  • Forklift trucks

What happens if I do not insure my off-road vehicle?

If you fail to pay a MAIB premium, the MAIB can still be liable to make payments to injured passengers or pedestrians. Should this occur, the MAIB has the authority to recover the cost of these payments from you.

Which vehicles need to be registered?

Any motor vehicle that is used in an area defined as a “public street” is required by law to be registered and must carry MAIB third party insurance.

The definition of a public street is broad and can cover both private and public land including recreational areas, beaches etc. Exact wording is provided in the Traffic Act 1925.

What is considered a motor vehicle?

Traffic Act definition of a “motor vehicle” covers all vehicles powered by a motor. This includes electric wheelchairs capable of exceeding 10 kmph, ride-on motor mowers capable of exceeding 10 kmph, fork lifts and golf carts, and a wide variety of off-road vehicles in addition to standard passenger vehicles.

Some of these vehicles are not required by law to be registered as they are not used on a “public street”.

However, accidents still occur, making MAIB third party insurance a necessary safeguard. Under Tasmanian third party insurance provisions, vehicle drivers/riders and owners are not eligible for benefits and can be liable for substantial damages claims if their vehicle is not insured.

Protect yourself physically and financially by insuring your vehicle.

How to arrange insurance

How do I arrange third party insurance?

Your local Service Tasmania Shop can assist you by arranging MAIB third party insurance for your vehicle or machinery.

If you have any queries regarding third party insurance and whether you need to cover a certain vehicle, please:

Email MAIB; or phone MAIB toll free on 1800 006 224

Remember, the MAIB will not provide third party insurance for Off Road Vehicles unless an up to date MAIB premium has been paid.

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