About the MAIB Community involvement & road safety

Community involvement & road safety

Injury Prevention and Management Foundation

Injury Prevention and Management Foundation

The Injury Prevention and Management Foundation’s (Foundation) purpose is to fund research and education, and to service development programs that are directed towards the prevention and improved management of injuries resulting from motor accidents.

It is expected that funding appropriate projects may lead to benefits including:

  • Reduction in the frequency and severity of injuries from road accidents;
  • Improved access to quality medical, rehabilitation and long term care services;
  • New developments/techniques in some areas of injury management; and
  • Minimisation of the costs of the scheme to the Tasmanian Community.

Approved projects are published in the MAIB’s Annual Report.

Applying for Foundation Funding

Community involvement

Community involvement

The MAIB has provided sponsorship of the MAIB Disability Achievement Award as part of the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards since its inception in 2007. The Awards aim to encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contributions that individuals, groups, communities and businesses are making throughout Tasmania.

Road Safety

Road Safety

Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC)

Established in 1996, the RSAC enforcement and public education program is an MAIB funded initiative of the Department of State Growth, Tasmania Police and the MAIB. The MAIB’s funding of the RSAC program is currently in excess of $3.6 million per annum.

Over this period, the number of serious injury claims received by the MAIB has decreased consistently relative to the number of vehicles registered in Tasmania.

RSAC has significantly grown in profile and research conducted has concluded that RSAC is perceived by the Tasmanian community as the pre-eminent independent face of road safety.

Road rescue services funding for emergency services

The MAIB provides annual funding to the Tasmania Fire Service and State Emergency Service for road rescue services. The total MAIB annual funding for these services is in excess of $700,000.

The MAIB’s total contribution to charities, projects and ongoing essential road safety services is over $5 million per annum.

Motorcycle safety strategy

To assist in reducing proportionally high rates of motorcycle crashes, the MAIB has allowed motorcyclists to access a subsidy on the Road Skills Refresher Courses (reducing the course fee payable to $50). This funding has been provided on the basis that the training providers and motorcycle representative groups encourage and publicise the course.

The MAIB continues to assist the State Government and motorcycle representative groups in the ongoing improvement of motorcycle training, including through the current RSAC review of the motorcycle learner training. The MAIB has also provided funding to the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council, Northern Motorcycle Riders Association and Ulysses club for various events and activities throughout the year that promote road safety.