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What MAIB covers

What MAIB covers

The MAIB covers a wide range of benefits to assist you to recover from your injury. They include the following:

What MAIB cannot cover

What MAIB cannot cover

What is not covered

Some treatment or services cannot be covered by MAIB. Things we cannot pay for include; treatment or services unrelated to your accident and expenses associated with the loss of or damage to personal effects such as clothing or jewellery. Select the Learn More button to view other treatment or services that MAIB cannot cover.

If you are not sure whether a particular treatment or service can be paid by the MAIB, please contact one of our claims officers.

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Disputed costs or claims

In some circumstances costs or claims may be disputed. If this is the case, you may refer the matter to the Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal.

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Claiming treatment costs

How to claim treatment costs

In general, to claim a treatment expense, you need to give your MAIB claim number to your medical provider and ask them to invoice the MAIB directly. If you are sent an invoice, you should send it to the MAIB together with your MAIB claim number.

If you pay for a service yourself and want the MAIB to repay you, please keep your receipt and send it to the MAIB for reimbursement. To enable reimbursement to be made, MAIB must have your current bank details.

Things to know:

  • You must have an accepted MAIB claim.
  • The treatment must be for your accident related injuries.

Resuming treatment

Resuming treatment after a long period

If you are starting treatment again after a break of more than six months, we suggest you contact us first to make sure that the MAIB can still pay for your treatment.

Before deciding whether we can pay for your treatment, the MAIB may contact your treating medical provider or we may ask you to provide updated medical advice from your treating medical provider in order to:

  • Confirm the treatment is related to the injury sustained in the motor accident.
  • Find out the reason for the break in your treatment.
  • Obtain details about the proposed treatment plan.

Once the MAIB has this information we will make a decision about whether we can pay for the treatment.